Women's Counselling

Sherri Inouye
There is high potential for social and emotional stress for women, as we face intense pressure to look, act and live according to culturally determined ideals. These impossible standards related to appearance, career, family, home and relationships leave many women feeling like they don’t measure up and limit their freedom to be who they want to be. While our work won’t necessarily change the expectations placed on us or the realities of the world in which we need to navigate, we can hope to reduce the harmful impacts these have on you and strengthen your power and sense of agency in your life.

I support women with:
Connecting to what they value and believe. Distinguishing between what society tells them to be and what they truly want for themselves.
Living in alignment with their values. Doing more of what brings joy and fulfillment and doing less of what doesn’t.
Developing healthy and effective coping-strategies to better manage life challenges and feel more in control.
Healing from experiences of trauma. Reclaiming their lives and sense of self.
Learning skills for grounding and self-soothing. Finding a sense of internal safety.
Rediscovering their inner wisdom, abilities and creativity. Feeling confident to make decisions that are rewarding and inspiring.
Nourishing multiple dimensions of wellness in their lives (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, sexual).
Nurturing feelings of self-acceptance and rejecting the demands of perfectionism.
Having healthy and respectful relationships. Effectively expressing to others what they need and want. Boundaries.
Listening to their bodies. Learning to safely connect with emotions and sensations. Understanding what is happening inside.
Caring for themselves with the same kindness and consideration that is often shown for others in their lives.
Sherri Inouye RCC

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